*I employ #Kitsch as a means of providing comfort from #Death. 


Why is it G.SCOTT? The G is for Gay. :D  <3

#FreeChelseaManning #PardonEdwardSnowden 

     Ultimately, I use drawing as an act of resistance, in solidarity with the much larger culture of resistance, to explore sex and politics, investigate systems of power, and express growth and trauma. Wars, both cultural & nationalistic, are the impetus for much of my work.  I use a conglomeration of drawing, painting, installation and intervention to probe the undercurrent of violence in our society along with the propaganda used to distort public perception and propagate profit-driven violence.  I use languages of iconography — targeting the emotional, the irrational, & the emphatic in an effort to convey truth to power. I also paint flowers. <3

I want to paint the human condition.  

I’m interested in the duality & contradictions inherent in our sexual make-ups.

I see my work as an investigation of humanity as a product of nature.  

I explore phenomena that are cyclical in nature: human struggle, self-destruction, & survival instinct.

I'm interested in the feminine side of life.

I’m interested in Growth & Trauma.
Politics & Self-destruction.  
Concepts of Masculinity & Femininity.  
& The Politics of Sex.

Through drawing, painting, & installation I aim to inhabit the space between humor & sadness, beauty & cruelty.

I want to speak the truth. :D



G.Scott RAFITE was born in 1981 in Panama City, FL. He grew up in the Florida Panhandle surrounded by the Callaway Bayou. He began drawing at the age of three, and won competitions throughout school. At 16, he travelled to Japan where he gained a love of Japanese culture and language. After high school, with hopes of travelling abroad, Raffield enlisted in the US Army. After training, he was stationed at Fort Hood, TX and arrived at his unit September 9, 2001. Two days later the United States was at Threatcom Delta and Private Raffield was posted outside the Brigade Headquarters to check ID's of all who entered. Raffield excelled in the army and was promoted to Sergeant two years after entering duty. In 2004, SGT Raffield was deployed to Camp War Eagle, Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. After returning to the US, Raffield enrolled in art school and moved to Atlanta, GA. There in the capital of the South, he became entrenched in the Atlanta Drag Scene. In 2008, he studied abroad in Lacoste, France, home of the Marquis de Sade. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009.  He received his Masters of Fine Art from Parsons the New School for Design in NYC in 2013. He lives & works with his partner [Skylar White] in the Great Pacific Northwest, in Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses... :D